East Durham Homes

The Obsessed – Attitude is everything

East Durham Homes was established in 2004 and is responsible for the management of 8,500 homes in the East Durham area. As part of their drive to ensure that all customers receive the highest possible quality of service, the organisation’s new customer experience strategy outlined one very clear aim:

“We want each customer interaction with the company to be a positive one where customers are truly listened to and empathised with, where all of our staff listen to and ‘own’ enquiries with a drive and determination to resolve the enquiry within time-scales agreed with our customers”.

Working closely with the team at East Durham Homes we agreed that achieving this aim would require a major change in culture and that the change necessary is as much about developing attitudes as it is about improving skills and process. We agreed to a blended approach to deliver the following:

Staff training events: A high-impact launch event for all staff, to provide a thorough introduction to skills and attitude required to delivering customer excellence.

Train-the-trainer sessions: In order to continue the learning after the initial launch, we identified a team of “champions” who would be responsible for delivering training to their colleagues. This team required the skills to be able to do so confidently.

Training resources: It was critical to the strategy that we create a bespoke training resource to deliver the following:

Impact – because the resources needed to engage, inform and inspire their staff, we needed a training resource that would be highly engaging as well as imparting the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver customer excellence.

Convenience – having their own bespoke resources allowed East Durham Homes to deliver short focused sessions at the most suitable time and location.

Legacy – in-house resources that ensure that all current and new staff receive the same consistently high quality of training.



The Obsessed

Process Pete

Defensive Dawn

The Debrief

We worked very closely with our partners at East Durham Homes to deliver a bespoke training solution, branded as: “The Obsessed – Attitude is everything”.

The programme was delivered in three stages:

  1. Utilising theatre and interactive workshops our facilitators delivered a series of day-long sessions to all staff where they examined how they could transform the level of service provided from good to world-class. The creatively-conceived and highly-motivational event imparted the skills necessary and inspired the delegates to take individual ownership to make a difference.
  1. We produced a series of film-based training workshops, each exploring different elements of customer service. The resources provided delivered three highly-detailed session plans as well as invaluable trainer tips, advice, delegate hand-outs and a PowerPoint presentation.
  1. We delivered a full day training session to a team of “Champions”.

As they would be responsible for delivering the training resource to their colleagues we ensured that they had the skills required, an understanding of training technique and a thoroughly positive approach to deliver engaging, informative and inspirational sessions.